With over 25 years of experience and specialization in the aluminum systems industry, the SITAUP team is here to guide you step by step in taking accurate measurements for the screen you intend to install. Our production facilities are at the forefront of our company, enabling mass production and processing of finished frames. We have modern mechanical equipment and software, as well as packaging solutions to ensure excellent construction quality, speed, and secure transportation.

The manufacturing factory for insect screens provides an advantage to professionals as it offers comprehensive solutions in less time and at a lower cost. Instead of constructing the screens using machinery and tools on your premises, you can rely on the factory to handle the production process efficiently and cost-effectively.

The warehouses are equipped with a large supply of prime materials to promptly meet construction needs. This ensures that there is a sufficient stock of high-quality materials readily available for manufacturing purposes.


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With hundreds of satisfied professional partners, SITAUP is constantly evolving and innovating, aiming for top-quality construction and competitive prices for its partners in the ready-made frame industry. Our warehouses are stocked with an ample supply of prime materials to ensure that we can promptly meet your construction needs.